Angos Hayvancılık Gıda San.Tic.Ltd.Sti. Since 1985 Hijazi & Ghosheh Co.Ltd has been operating in four continental foodstuffs, Livestock industry and also in the field of integrated facilities. Turkey serves as the pillar of the company.
Hijazi & Ghosheh Co.Ltd. (Meat, poultry, fish and food integrated facilities with international importing and exporting network of live animals (Butchery, Nutrition, Breeding, Milk) which have been made with Australia, America, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina, New Zealand, ISO 9001, HACCP and Islamic standards.
With the permission of the imports of live animals in 2010 and started its operations in Turkey Angosta Livestock Ltd. 30.000 Bovine and 100.000 small cattle vessels import and export live animals to our country and many countries. Among the countries we import are the Arabian Gulf countries Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Morocco ..vb.
Our company is based in Jordan and has the capacity to supply unlimited live cattle and sheep to other countries in every country of the world.
Bovine and ostrich animals, which we have imported from overseas, grow in large natural pastures. They are collected from the natural environment, not from the closed environment such as the usual dairy or barn livestock as in our country.
These animals which are grown and collected in their natural environment are imported according to the rules of health certificates signed between the Importers and Exporters of the two countries' Ministries of Food, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry. These animals collected in the exporter country and taken under quarantine;
Cattle Pox
Anthrax (anthrax)
Timpani (Swelling)
Both countries are imported and tested by the official veterinarians with tests and examinations, originating from the clinically very extreme in terms of their diseases. Animals are isolated during the 21-day quarantine period with entry into the country. Blood samples are taken and tested in the Official Veterinary Control Research Institute of our country, which is accredited. Quarantine Blood Tests:
Spiroketone. Expression Lab: Leptospirosis with MAT
Breeding Hast. Diagnostic Lab: Brucellosis in terms of RBPT and SAT
Tuberculous Paratuberculosis and Ruam Diagnosis Lab: Parathyroid Cancer with ELISA
Virological Diagnostic Lab: IBR / IPV and EBL Antibody-ELISA and Bovine Antigen ELISA.